Thrill Seeker

Thrill Seeker

Three years ago this last August, I was driving home when I received a phone call from my daughter, Megan. She had been in San Diego for a conference and was flying back to Norfolk. Megan is an Aircrewman in the Navy and was flying on an H-53 helicopter with her crew. Problem was, she was not home yet…she was in the middle of a field in Tennessee. There had been a fire and they had to put down.

Her voice was strong, adrenalin filled, exuberant. I was driving as she explained what happened and the land owner who came out on his four wheeler and overalls to investigate. Mija, I told her, you don’t call your mom as the accident averted has happened, you call me, after you have been rescued and are safe on a base somewhere!

She laughed away my shock with the reassurance of accomplishment. Everyone did what they were supposed to do…everyone did their job, she reassured me. Everything else is secondary…


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