Unchartered Water – Golf, et al

At the beginning of the year, we lost a lifelong friend of ours. My husband went to California to ride the wave of grief with his friend, who was doing his best to get his family through this horrific loss.

Part of the healing process for our included helping my husband with a dream of his. My husband wanted to put on a golf tournament.   He wanted to fundraise for judo students at the dojo he volunteered at.  All competing students needed funds to help offset their travel expenses to competitions locally and nationwide.  It takes the community, families and donations to offset these expenses.  He and our dear friend Sam had long talks into the wee hours of the morning about the logistics.  My husband came back with an idea and we began to work on the plan and logistics.

My husband knew where he wanted to hold the tournament.  Bullcreek Golf Course and Country Club has a unique history of ownership.   Families who worked the land and then  owned the land got together and invested in the golf course. It is one of a handful in the nation that are minority owned.

Seven months later, and a thirty days from “t-day” (tournament day, we are poised to put on our first golf tournament to raise money for the judo kids.  I will report more over the next days to chronicle the last days before our event.  Note: I married a Marine veteran and the term “always an adventure”, comes to mind.

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