Day: October 4, 2011


Hijole Salsa

I made salsa for the first time this weekend and I am afraid it didn’t turn out.  I went to Walmart and purchased the little half pint jars I found.  I roasted the jalapenos that my husband’s cousin had brought me.  I roasted the Roma tomatoes, as well, getting charred skins on both.  I chopped some onion and cilantro and threw it all in the blender.  I prepared to cook the salsa, the requisite thirty minutes, while warming the jars and lids. But, the final ingredient was either cider vinegar or bottled lemon juice.  I used what I had, organic apple cider vinegar and immediately realized I may have ruined my signature roasted chile salsa.  It didn’t have quite the right smell or taste.  Granted, it was spicy hot, just like we like it, but it had a …more than a… whiff of vinegar and a bit of a sweet taste. So, as attractive as my little jars look, I am afraid my salsa is going to taste a little like apple cider…just a very spicy, hot apple cider! I was crushed.  But not so crushed, that I am not planning a trip to the Farmer’s Market for more Romas and jalapenos.  Did I mention, I would be stopping at the grocery store and getting bottled lemon juice?