Day: October 5, 2011


My husband is taking serious some advice he received from a friend of his and is walking every morning. I am joining him for my own health and to stay motivated.
What has surprised me, is our early morning walk has become out time to talk out something that has happened, our fund raiser project, his thoughts about his group sessions, and similar subjects.

Yesterday, he made a comment about one of his young veterans in the group my husband volunteers in. The young man was confrontational. My husband recounted how he addressed the young veteran in his “real man” voice, rather than his “politically correct” voice. Because my husband has PTSD, he can get agitated by some behavior and has to talk himself into not being blunt in responding.

What I took away from this conversation, was how adept has become in critiquing himself, and more measured in his response, no matter what “mode” he uses. What I am also taking away from this conversation, is “Real Man”. That is his new “tag” in my posts, because it not only fits him to a “T”, it is distinct in origin…via the Real Man!