Four Days

     Eight months ago my husband and I had a conversation about doing a golf tournament to fundraise for judo students. I had been laid off the month before from a job that was two months short of seven years and we had just lost our dear friend Karen. We were both still in a state of shock, but Chester, who has always been the braintrust of our familia, had been incubating this idea for a couple of years and he had a PLAN.

     Stepping out on faith is not unfamiliar ground to us. We have lived this life of ours with faith in God and our ability. We have lived this life with the faith of the goodness of man. I have seen friends, acquaintances and family all respond when we told them about Chester’s idea for this tournament. No one we have reached out to has not responded. It is a reaffirmation of faith for me.

     So even as I am in major procrastination mode because of the excitement of what is now four days away, I will get away from this spot by the window and get my list out for the few remaining things that need to be done, like send my grandson’s sweatshirt to him before he outgrows it, and cross it off my list.

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