The Terrible Towel and Football Tradition


I received a call from California on the 19th of December.  My five year old grandson, Dominic was calling me to tell me he was getting ready to go to his first pro football game.  “I am going to be on TV, Grandma” he told me.  ” I am sitting on the top section, so watch me.  Watch TV tonight,” he instructed.  My son was taking his son to see their favorite team, the Pittsburgh Steelers play the hometown favorite, San Francisco 49ers.  In an area in Northern California, where everyone was either a Raider or 49er fan, my son wore gold and black, and so did my grandson.  

The plan was to drive the couple of hours to the Bay Area, get a parking spot, break out the grill and have some hotdogs, hamburgers and brews before they entered the historic Candlestick Park.  The two hour commute stretched into four, and there was no time to prime the grill.  Fortunate for my son and his friends, their neighbors offered their grill and they were able to have their meal before they headed to the gates.

Before they locked the vehicle, my son knelt in front of his son, straightening his knit cap and jacket and handed him his Terrible Towel, looking at him and said “This is your first step in becoming a man”.


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