I Heart My Husband’s Scion TC

     My husband doesn’t know this, but I” heart” his blue Scion TC. I have my own car, a red PT  Cruiser that he bought for me after my old reliable Intrepid was totaled in an accident. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy my PT Cruiser with leather interior, moon roof, Sirius radio, seat warmers and room for groceries and corn for the deer…but that TC, it rolls.

     We bought it at night, the metallic flakes in the paint on the TC sparkled like a wannabe low-rider’s hydraulic special from back in the day. My husband thinks I am an anomaly because of what I know and like about cars…I have been married before and all are car guys…Chevys, Fords and now Chryslers. I know, I know, the Scion is a Toyota, but that’s beside the point…it goes fast and it takes regular gas. When we bought it, gas was around $4.00 a gallon and we both were traveling 100 miles a week easy.

     The first long distance trip we took in the Scion was to Huntsville, Alabama. We saw our friends, Sam and Karen, at a family reunion there. Three great days of food, song and family. The young family members loved the car, it is of their generation. The older family members didn’t blink, especially our hostess who had a classic TransAm in her driveway. My husband was in his fifties, then…but we all know, he’s never left the year 1969.

     The last long distance trip he took in his Scion, was around this time, last year, to California to bury Karen, who left us so suddenly, we are still reeling. He grieved the 2600 miles there, so he could better help Sam and the family. Sam was our best man when we got married, but my husband has known them all his adult life. He lost a sister in Karen.

          Last time I drove the Scion to visit my friends in Charlotte, I was minding my own business, when a twin Scion came up on me. Twin, but not identical, because it did not have the tint on the windows that ours has. Nor did it have the ground effects package that my husband ordered, and chances are it didn’t have the chip nor the long cool air intake system my husband had installed in it when we bought it. I told my husband later, that I forget that the kids think there is another kid inside our car, not some 56-year-old grandmother…but I didn’t feel 56 when he tried to jump on me and I left him in the dust on I85.


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