Month: September 2012

“You Are The Same Yesterday, Today, and Forever…”


I’m supposed to be cleaning house.  To my credit, I did start a load of sheets.  This is how it will be from now on.  Weekends to clean, grocery shop, Zumba, catch up on recorded programs, because Monday, I turn the “unemployed/retired” page, to “full-time employed” page.  I will have to change my “about” on my blog and twitter.  It’s been a journey from then until now, with my projects not yet completed, and my committment no less dampened, nor altered with this recent change.  I have had time with my grandchildren, my children, my parents, and my husband, I would never had otherwise had.  I helped my husband put on a benefit golf tournament that was successful enough to repeat this year.  I spent time on myself, still feeling a little guilty about that, just because time for yourself always seemed so extravegant…and it is, but I have learned it is a necessary extravagance!

In my life and in my work, it has never been “just a job”.  It has always been about what I bring to the equation, my skills, my strengths, my life’s experience.  The time away from work, after years of working, made me value my life that much more, because I realized, I had much to contriubute to those I met and reconnected with over that time period.  I forged closer bonds with family and friends, I reunited with cousins I had not seen in years.  My life was made much richer, as a result.

So, before my meeting, I read a prayer I found on  which in part said this “…Lord, help me to remember that while my circumstances change, you are the same yesterday, today, and forever.”  I don’t know what this new page in my book holds.  I do know I made a connection in my meeting.  I do know I am beginning a new area of law I have never dealt with, except in my own personal life…family law.  I do know the attorney I will be working with has a quiet passion and expertise that speaks to how she approaches her clients and her work.  She really had me in the first hour of our meeting.