Month: August 2013

“I’ll Be Fine”


My mom and I were in the cocoon of our booth at the Hilton Hotel in Altamonte Springs, having a light breakfast and taking a break from driving.  We were en route to the Hard Rock Cafe and Casino in Tampa.  A much deserved break and weekend for us.  Our waitress knew my mom from the last couple of trips to the Senior Softball Camp my dad attended over the last couple of years.  She asked if I was her daughter and we laughed and said I was.  Mom told her she was taking me to the Hard Rock Casino, just the two of us.  Our waitress smiled a little sad smile and told us how great it was we were going together.  She then told us she missed her mom.  Her mom is 83 and lives in Bosnia.  She had just seen her this last March, and it was hard to leave.  She began to tear up, but recovered and told us that her mom was this little tiny thing, in a small house.  But, she told us that her mom told her that she was old, and all that mattered at this point in her life, was that her kids and their families were ok.  “I’ll be fine” she told her daughter.   Our waitress cleared our table and walked away.  Mom and I shared a look, understanding distance.  Mom had moved from Texas to California as a young mom.  Our’s was the family that always came to visit.  I live across the country from my older children and grandchildren, and my youngest child is practically in the Gulf.  It wasn’t an ocean and continents, but it was long enough.  Each of us had spent countless hours in the air or on the road going back for long visit, or short and sweet visits.  We knew distance.

When our waitress came back, she told us to enjoy our time together.  She said to us, “I have this,” meaning she would get our breakfast.  Then she turned to me and said “Enjoy your mom”, and walked away.