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The Dark Side

Last night while watching local news, there was a report of an Veteran who served in Afghanistan who killed his 10 month old daughter, because she was crying. I looked at my husband, who was shaking his head. He had told me early in our marriage and when he was first treating for his Post Traumatic Stress Syndome, that he could not handle babies crying.

I remember dismissing it to a certain extent…but saw evidence over the years of the affect of babies crying, or loud crashes or backfires affect him. Anger, flight mode, fight mode, fear…I have seen it all with him. He has never acted out, but my husband has had fifteen years of counseling. He has developed some tools to handle these emotions and reflex responses.

We, as a Nation, have to make sure our Veterans are receiving the care, the counseling, the backup they need from doctors, civilians and family. It’s the least we can do.