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“Someday Soon…”


“Grandma,” says Jasmine, “will you come see me tomorrow?”
“Yes, mija, ” I answered, glad we had not skyped, but were on the phone. “Not tomorrow, but some day soon.”

“Okay, Grandma.”

Small necessary lie to quiet the guilt of twenty-six hundred miles.

Journal entry August 10, 2006.



Girls Day #2. My daughters and I had planned one last outing together before my youngest, Megan, flew out of town and back to the east coast. The week here with my granddaughter Jasmine’s First Holy Communion, the celebratory gathering at the park, my granddaughters’ last regular season softball games, all made the time fly by. You would think we would be used to the pace by now, but the end of the visit seem to come way to soon.

Last year, one of the local Mexican food restaurants closed, much to our regret, as “Betty’s Special” is a dish we all try to replicate in our own kitchens. Luckily, we found out the cook was hired by the local casino and cooked certain dishes from her restaurant on Wednesdays. Our day began at the casino with lunch, drinks and a contribution to the gaming gods.

Our next stop was a local boat landing here in Colusa on the Sacramento River, the Steelhead Lodge. Years ago, this was a small bait/tackle/watering hole/grill/camp ground and boat dock. It also served as a stopping point for floaters. Now, newly enlarged and renovated, it had a larger bar and dining area, along with a great outdoor dining patio. We found a spot overlooking the docks and river and enjoyed a plate of sweet potato fries, sampler plate and a couple of so well-made Long Beach Ice Teas, that a neighboring table ordered a round for themselves.



As we relaxed on this perfectly mild, breezy afternoon, on the patio overlooking the river, we talked of the coming months, the swimming practices, the move my youngest is making, the end of school year for Las Tres, how work is gearing up for my son-in-law and son, how their grandparents would love this spot we were enjoying… This year has been a tough one with the loss of family members and dear friends. It was the contrast of life in process, one instant sorrow, the next joy, seemed almost cruel in it’s bittersweetness. These past days I have been reminded of the ties that bind, and thankful for the gifts of life, love and familia.